Banquet chairs and event chairs for use in hotels

We offer a range of directly imported, low-cost banquet chairs that is unmatched in Europe and meets the highest quality standards. Our range includes conference and banquet chairs with iron and steel frames. Thanks to their sturdy frame, they can withstand heavy-duty use. There is also a wide range of event chairs with an aluminium frame to choose from. These lightweight products are ideally suited for events of all kinds. Chairs with either frame type are stackable and linkable. The finish of the frame can be selected. The most popular colours are available from stock. The chairs are equipped with plastic spacers to avoid damage from stacking. The foam used for both the seats and back rests of banquet chairs is specifically designed for maximum resistance to wear from heavy-duty use and ensures durability. The fabric for the upholstery can be selected including a flame-resistant fabric and foam that fully comply with the relevant European standards. Our banquet chairs made from flame-resistant and fireproof materials and fabrics are recommended to hotels and special event halls. Banquet chairs in the most popular designs and colours are available from stock. The products can also be ordered in customised colours and according to your specifications, with short delivery times. You can choose seat covers for banquet chairs and conference chairs. We also sell spandex seat covers in a range of colours.