Chairs for fast-food outlets and cafeterias

The Dublino range off furniture for fast-food outlets and cafeterias is unique in the Hungarian market. We have numerous references to demonstrate that our chairs can withstand even extremely heavy-duty use. The chairs made by the Italian manufacturer Pedrali have been specifically developed for use in fast-food outlets and cafeterias. Our products are recommended for office buildings, shopping centre restaurants, fast-food outlets, pizzerias, educational institute and school cafeterias, old people’s homes, company canteens, shopping centres, airport dining areas and for events. Our chairs are specifically manufactured for use in the hotel and catering industry. Their durability is proven by tests performed by testing institutes in Europe. We offer chairs with a steel frame, chairs reinforced with an aluminium frame and chairs with a special plastic frame. The majority of the products are linkable and stackable. The surface of the chairs can be easily cleaned and they are designed to withstand even deliberate damage. They are recommended for outdoor use, such as in gardens and on patios.